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RCD Consumer Units

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RCD’s can help protect you from electric shock in potentially dangerous areas like the Home and garden

PLEASE Ensure that when you have your Fuse Box Replaced that the Electrician Who Should be a 2391 Test Engineer, Supplies you with an Installation Report, We have seen recently that Unqualified Persons have been carrying out these tasks at the Risk of Endangering themselves, their Client’s and the Property they are Installing the board in

Did You Know?
Fuse boards older than 10 years old are not up to current standards.
18th Edition BS EN60439-3 A replacement should now be considered for safety and peace of mind.
We can supply and upgrade your old Fuse board to an RCD Protected Consumer unit for as little as £450
A great saving compared to Scottish Power & Scottish Gas

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What is an RCD?

An RCD, or residual current device, is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire.

Fuse Board Replacement Glasgow
RCD Fuse Board

It can also provide some protection against electrical fires.
RCDs offer a level of personal protection that ordinary fuses and circuit-breakers cannot provide.

What does an RCD do?

An RCD is a sensitive safety device that switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault.
An RCD is designed to protect against the risks of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults.
For example
If you cut through the cable when mowing the lawn and accidentally touched the exposed live wires or a faulty appliance overheats causing electric current to flow to earth.

How does it work?

An RCD constantly monitors the electric current flowing through one or more circuits it is used to protect.
If it detects electricity flowing down an unintended path, such as through a person who has touched a live part, the RCD will switch the circuit off very quickly, significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury.

An RCD Protected Consumer unit

Can provide protection to individual or groups of circuits.
A fixed RCD provides the highest level of protection as it protects all the wiring and the sockets on a circuit and any connected appliances.

Remember – Although RCD protection reduces the risk of death or injury from electric shock it does not reduce the need to be careful.
Have your wiring checked at least once every 10 year to ensure the safety of you, your family and your home.
If you find a fault with your wiring, or an appliance, stop using it immediately and contact a registered electrician. Save our contact details to your phone - 01415770304

Fuse Board Replacement Glasgow
Replacement Fuse Board

The UK standard for safety – Since July 2008 virtually all circuits in new or rewired homes have been required to include an RCD under the latest edition of BS 7671.

Below is a recent Fuse Board that we were asked to check and Upgrade it if we thought that it was Dangerous !!!!

If you click on the image below, you can see the before and after images, but I do not think much though was required, in saying that we see a lot of  this type of so called fuse boards, Please if your fuse board looks like this get in touch

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