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Fire Protection & Smoke Detectors in Glasgow

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Smoke and Heat Detectors

We at Corr Electrical Services Ltd also carry out Smoke, Heat and CO2 Testing/Maintenance, to ensure that the detector’s in your Home or Business function correctly and efficiently in the event that they are needed. We all hope that these devices are never needed and that they are there to give us peace of mind, in the event that something does go wrong.

Over the course of  time, all detectors in any Dwelling or Place of Work should be functionally tested

Did You Know?

In rental residential units, the landlord is considered to be the "owner" for purposes of the smoke alarm maintenance requirements.

However, any person (including a tenant or other occupant) can be held responsible for intentionally disabling a smoke, heat or CO2 alarm so as to make in inoperable and could face the full force of the law for such an act, the thing was annoying me as it would not stop chirping, holds no water in a court of Law.

No matter how technologically advanced a fire detection and fire alarm system might be with state-of-the-art self-monitoring and automatic fault detection features, there will always be the need for human observation and intervention to ensure its continuous smooth running and optimum performance.

It’s important for regular inspection and servicing of the detectors to be carried out, in order to identify and rectify any faults, including false alarm problems.Smoke and Heat Detectors Any changes made to the actual fabric of the building, e.g. any extensions, alterations or remedial work, that might have been made does not  affected the functionality of the detectors in any way, either through damage to any of its elements or by impacting on the level of protection it offers.Smoke and Heat Detectors

Changes in use and / or occupancy levels of a building can a also have a detrimental effect on the protection offered by existing, Smoke Heat or CO2  detectors these factors must also be taken into account during the inspection process.

At the end of the testing and some general maintenance advice, and recommendations on how they can be rectified, we will never leave any premises unprotected, we will supply you with a report and a Certificate of Testing a paper copy and a PDF copy sent to an email address of your choosing, that will ease you, your family or workforce peace of mind knowing that their safety is being looked after.

Smoke and Heat Detectors


 If you are unsure in regards to Fire Detection and Heat Detectors in private rented properties, How Many of Each Do I Require?, this link, guidance from the Scottish Government (revised 2010) will help you, if you are still unsure, give us a call or Text us for a no obligation quote


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