Emergency Lighting

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Emergency Lighting Testing and Supply

Emergency Exit Lighting Glasgow

We at Corr Electrical Services can Test and Repair your Emergency Lighting, without interrupting your businesses day-to-day operations.

If ever a fire or an event occurs that interrupt the lighting in your premises, it is essential that the safest and quickest routes to exit be displayed to allow your Customers and employees to exit safely.

All employers are required to identify exits using high visible signs to show employees the quickest and safest exit route from anywhere in their place of work by law.
We at Corr Electrical Services Ltd can assist you to correctly position your signs and ensure that they work on battery power in an emergency.Emergency Exit Lighting Glasgow

Corr Electrical Services Ltd engineers can also test the existing emergency lighting in your premises, and advise on and supply BS5266 compliant emergency Lighting products and services.

Corr Electrical Services Ltd can not only test, but advice and repair any faults and supply the appropriate certificates required by law. Call/Text Us on: 07342931804 or 07342931898

Low Energy Lights

As LED’s can convert up to 80% of the energy they consume into light, the savings on your electricity costs will enable they initial cost to pay for itself in a very short time as well as the lifetime of a LED is greater than that of a normal fluorescent, maintenance costs are also greatly reduced.

LED Lighting in a Office

The light omitted from LED’s create a brighter and more pleasant surroundings, therefore not only is it perfect for a more relaxed work environment and more productivity, but it’s also suitable for your home.

The above is just the tip of the many benefits that LED lighting provides, but the greatest one is its environmentally friendly, LED’s  costs less to run, their life span is greater so less changes are required, resulting in less waste.

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