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Emergency Electrician Glasgow

Sitting in the dark is no fun, Keep those power gremlins at bay
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Emergency Electricians

Corr Electrical Services will provide both Domestic and Commercial Fully Trained 18th Edition BS7671 Wiring Regulations Trained Electricians. We will have all the equipment that’s needed to get you back on your feet we will never leave you in the dark.Tesing An Electrical Socket

Corr Electrical Services Ltd will resolve your problem in a timely manner. As a result we will ensure that you, your family, your Home or Business is safe before we leave your property. Furthermore our Public Liability and Indemenity Insurance gives our Clients peace of mind knowing our work is fully guarenteed.

Err On The Side of Caution

In today’s economical climate, we understand that everyone is trying to save money. However we strongly advise against trying to fix electrical issues yourself or use someone who is not qualified to work with electricity.

We do not charge the earth we are fair, we have all been there sometime in our lives,” ooh dear how much is this going to cost”

We will talk to you on the telephone to see if we can help over the phone in the first instance. However if this is not possible we will send someone to you.  Telephone 01415770304 or mobile: 07342931804.

Never Take Electricity For Granted

Electricity is one of the most important resources that we have in the modern world. No matter what kind of property you have; electricity is an integral part of it's daily operations.

Because electricity is such an essential part of daily life, it can be easy to take it for granted. It’s important to remember, however, that electricity and electrical systems can be extremely dangerous, as a property owner, safety should be one of your biggest concerns.

Every property owner should ensure that their electrical systems are maintained to the highest standard, to provide safe and reliable dwelling for those who use them.Fuse Box

In today’s digital world any downtime in your power system will impact your workplace or your home.

Electricity helps keep your family, your home and your work force safe. It is also a fact that sitting in the dark is no fun, why not take a note of our number just in case, or why not call us and have your electric’s checked so that you can keep those power gremlins at bay call 0141 577 0304 or 07342931804 or Email Us to arrange that check up

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