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 Fire Alarms in Glasgow

Did you knowa Fire Alarm is not only a Legal Requirement 

It’s also an Essential Safety Tool

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Commercial Fire Alarms Fire Alarms Glasgow

We know its essential that you protect your Business by having an Effective and Reliable Fire Alarm System installed.

It’s a myth that 80% of Businesses never reopen after a Fire and 70% of Businesses Fail after 3 Years after a major fire, as these facts can’t be proven, however why take the risk?

Did You Also Know, that if you have more than 5 Employees you will require by Law to have a Fire Assessment carried out!

At Corr Electrical Services Ltd we can install a multitude of high quality Fire Alarm Systems, alongside Emergency Lighting to aid escape from the premises safely. Fire Extinguishers  should only be used if safe to do soFire Alarms Glasgow

Domestic Fire Alarms

Your Family are of the Upmost Importance to you, why you would not have a Fire Alarm installed in your home. It may not prevent a fire, but it would enable anyone in your home to escape and the faster the Alarm is raised the less damage your property will incur.

Fact - There are more than 6000 reported fires in dwellings (e.g. houses, flats and maisonettes) every year in Scotland resulting in around 50 deaths and 1300 injuries each year.

Effective Fire Alarm Systems protect your Homes and Businesses, however Most importantly they Save Life’s   

Some of the services we can provide:

Fire Alarms Systems: - We can design and Install Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems or a combination of both to suit your requirements.

Alarm Maintenance: - Required by Law for Commercial Buildings BS5839-1:2017, we can carry this out along side routine maintenance and emergency servicing on your system, then carryout the required Emergency Exit Lighting Test.

Fire Extinguishers: - We can provide a wide range of Fire Extinguishers for all appliances alongside training on what they should be used on and when.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance: - A routine check to ensure they are in working order, with the correct pressure and to ensure they have not been tampered with.

Site Survey:- We can arrange for your premises to have a site survey carried out by experts to give you peace of mind in knowing that you’re doing all you can to prevent any fire’s

Fire Risk Assessment: - By law if you have 5 or more employees, this must be carried out; our experts with many years experience will ensure that your workforce are safe in their place of work.

We now fit & Install Fireco fire safety products that can now resolve any fire safety compliance issues.

All of the products are wireless, so there is no need to install cables, they are ideal for both Domestic and Commercial properties.

Dorgard: a wireless fire door retainer that holds open fire doors, allowing them to automatically close on the sound of a fire alarm

Dorgard SmartSound : which legally holds fire doors open, closing them when a fire alarm sounds, it is not triggered by background noise. Dorgard SmartSound combines Dorgard with brand-new SmartSound noise filtering technology.

Freedor : a free swing device which reacts to a fire alarm and automatically closes the door in an emergency.

DMS : A fire alarm warning system which alerts deaf and hard of hearing people when the fire alarm sounds.

Deafgard : Designed for the hard of hearing, a vibrating pad and flashing light wakes people up on sound of an alarm.

We also install Smoke, Heat & CO2 Alarms and carry out Routine Maintenance on Detectors in Both Domestic and Commercial properties as well as Emergency Lighting Testing and Installing, all these services come with full documentation and carried out by a qualified electrician , your documents can if you wish, be emailed to any email address of your choosing, handy if you have forgotten to have your Testing done by it's renewal date.

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